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Absinthe Ben

Eric in car wreck

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A perfectly good opportunity to get in a newspaper headline and you're so hornery you insist on surviving. Now you'll just have to live with your stubborn decision!


Damn good reason to have an absinthe I'd say.

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Eric, look at you, ya hardass, back posting already! :cheers: Sorry about yesterday, the line was busy when I tried to call you again. Clearly you have a lot of folks that care about you quite a bit!


Hey now, don't be so harsh. Maybe it wasn't Eric's fault.

That is a comment that would be perfectly suitable over at the lounge. I will try my best to take it in good humor.

I'm glad it wasn't lost on everyone.


Healing vibes. :cheers:



That was still in very poor taste, but I'm glad Eric took it well...

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