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WSJ article on Absinthe

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The Wall Street Journal's Eric Felten published a story on Absinthe in the Weekend edition May 9/10. It included a color photo of a drinkn on the front page, and a story and some product reviews inside. The online edition featured the story on the home page as well. He's definitely not a fan but I think the story is going to help the category grow. For those who don't know me, I represent Mata Hari in the U.S., which Eric gave top (dubious) honors. Others rated include Lucid, Pernod, Kübler, and Le Tourment Vert. Hyperlink above and here:


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This has already been moved here, Steve.



Whoops...as I posted to Brian's comment, I did look around for the right place to put this and ended up in the main thread...then I didn't see it this AM and thought it hadn't been posted right the first time, so I did it again. Low tech guy in a high tech world, I guess.

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