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Formal Introuction.

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I always forget to post in these types of boards before I start running around and posting everywhere else. :laugh:

I've only been drinking Absinthe for about a year but I am already hooked. A friend of mine gave me a little La Fee a few years back at a party and I knew that it was something I wanted more of. La Fee was the first bottle I bought when I turned 21, I turned 22 about a month ago, but I have since moved on to better drinks. I'm still sort of an Absinthe Newb, but with the help of AbsintheBen and a few other friends on myspace I have learned a lot in a short time. (Mainly that the friend who go me hooked on Absinthe doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.)


I went from being told Czechsinhe was just aother type of Absinthe and just as good, and the fire method is just a cool way to serve absinthe and get girls, to avoiding specific brands like the plaugue based on friendly caution and not even using sugar anymore...Well for the most part I sitll drip a suar cube in on occassion, but recently I enjoy the taste un altered with just water. :)


I look forward to any interesting duscussions and I hope to be fast friends..:p

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