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my silver thread

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Hello everyone!


As you may have gathered I am new to the forum. I am not however new to absinthe. I think I first saw it in the movie Total Eclipse years ago. It made me very curious, but the first time I mentioned it to somebody else they said it was illegal and not made any more. Shame on me for listening!


I had my first taste as a christmas gift from my husband. I have to give him credit, it was supposed to be the best surprise ever until I accidentally saw an absinthe site on the internet history on our shared computer :shock: ooops! It was still the best surprise I have ever gotten. He knew nothing about absinthe until I mentioned it so he has to give me credit for suggesting it in the first place :P . Since then we have become regulars and sampled a small variety, the Edouard being my favorite so far.


As for me I live in Montana, I'm married, we have no children of our own (unless you count our new kitten Ghanima- my dune obsessed husband got to name her...I thought it might help him bond) but I have to wonderful step-kids who visit. I am very in to the arts, theatre, and music mostly.


That's about it for me :) Thanks for welcoming me to the forum!

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No kids, 3 cats, that's all I need.

"arts, theatre, and music" that's all I need too...

I only wish that my wife's husband would buy booze for me,

um, nevermind.


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Welcome, indeed!


What have you had the chance to try? Any favorites?




(Ah! Montana's Glacier National Park! A great jumping off place for visiting the "Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump" museum in Canadia.)

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