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Absinthe Tourism

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I'm planning a little 3 day get away with my girlfriend at the end of April, the destination: unknown! :twitchsmile:


I'm moving to BC (Canada, from SK) right afterwards for work and thought this would be a good chance to nab a few bottles of Absinthe that are oh so difficult to import through the mail in Canada. We could go literally anywhere in the states, with the only stipulation being that its not cold (California has come up a few times).


Any suggestions on a US city where I can easily nab a few nice bottles?


And as a bonus, a city with a quality Absinthe distillery.



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If you're travelling from BC to the US, I'd recommend Seattle. We don't have the biggest selection in the whole wide world, but we have Marteau, and hopefully by then, many of our liquor stores will also have a decent stock of Pacifique.


But I'm quite biased. Portland OR, Denver CO, Walton NY also rank as cities with absinthe distilleries.

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