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Recreating the effect?

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#91 Boggy


    Delusions of Competence

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Posted 05 March 2009 - 10:12 AM

What the hell is waer?

Heh heh, exactly.


Mods are lazy these days :devil:
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#92 Gwydion Stone

Gwydion Stone


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Posted 05 March 2009 - 11:09 AM

But it's not the mod's job to look up every odd colloquialism, intentional misspelling or obscure ™ that comes along.

... no matter how much I drink of it/anything with it/before it... [if] I END with absinthe that evening... I wake up the next day right as rain. ... I can think of zero science or logic to back this up, but there it is. ... If anyone can explain this, I'd love to hear it.

It really is a tonic? I mean, those botanicals do all have legitimate therapeutic values, you know. ;)

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#93 Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson


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Posted 05 March 2009 - 11:43 AM

Mods are lazy these days :devil:

Don't get me wrong, I know what you were saying. It's just annoying as all hell. :wave2:
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#94 Misanthrope



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Posted 05 March 2009 - 11:59 AM

Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, all in the clear.

Similar proverb in German: Bier auf Wein - laß das sein. Wein auf Bier - das rat´ ich Dir. :euro:
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#95 Absomphe


    Krinkles the Clown™

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Posted 05 March 2009 - 02:30 PM

Carrots are not fruit. :devil:

I always thought Carrot Top™ was an ugly fruit, though. ;)

Yes, I'm Krinkles the Clown on an absinthe a beer bender.

You got a problem with that?

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