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Alternate uses for absinthe barware

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When I moved from my home in Montana to my new job and family down south, I was only able to take along what could fit in my car. This included such items as my computer, unicycle, and absinthe goods. Sometimes you have to make due with what you got. Which is why I'm introducing a new fad...




Invention #1: The Spoon Splint




Not recommended for serious injuries, this invention will keep minor lacerations closed (like maybe you sliced a finger, say, opening a can of refried beans to side with quesadillas) until you get your stupid freakin' hand to the hospital.



- One absinthe spoon

- Cotton Pad

- Gauze



Invention #2: The Torsade Bulb Changer




Got a light you can't quite reach? Don't have one of those fancy bulb-grabber-thingies? Fan of Clandestine? Worry no more with this easy-to-make device! Fun for the whole family! Foam insulation strips hold the bulb while the glass rim fits perfectly around! It really works!!



- One torsade glass

- 3/4" foam weatherstrip

- Broom handle

- Tape



They say necessity breeds invention...


What does this say about drinking, I wonder?

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:laugh: Hopefully, your finger healed wonderfully. I got a real kick out of that, thanks! (the thread, not your small bean related tragedy). Half of my absinthe inventions were a result of drinking… and probably shouldn’t be posted here. ;)

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(All fixed) :wave2:


I'm diggin' the lamp changer idea. (As a light-tech, I refuse to refer to a lamp as a b-u-l-B)


Conversely, what non-absinthe related items work for absinthe?

We received a beautiful tiny crystal ice bucket and tongs as a gift. I mean, real tiny. It couldn't possibly hold more than a dozen ice cubes. However, as a sugar cube holder, it is perfect!

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