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La Maison d'Absinthe site down???

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If you know what you want, then by all means call them to place your order over the phone.

We visit Renes shop on rue Royal whenever my husand and I are in New Orleans or drop by on the way to visit family a tad bit north of Baton Rouge. Everytime we walk into the shop the shop girls are wonderful, gracious and very knowledgable about absinthe, glassware, fountains, the Italian absinthe candy's and all the accompianments(sp)as well as the pubs , bistros and cafes to visit for Absinte Hour and who has what brands.

I placed an order on the 16th and recieved my package Friday evening.


La Maison d`Absinthe and the shop keeps are very customer consious and go out of their way to help customers in person and on the internet...

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I just tried and got the errors. I emptied the cache got the same errors. Reload. Shift-reload. Error, error, error.


Hm. Do I have the URL right? This is what I have bookmarked, and what comes up on google.




Now I'm more mystified than ever.

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Very strange. My laptop still gets the error, but my Blackberry goes to the site.



...and a few hours later it works just fine! :twitchsmile:

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