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cwlovell13-been to Liberty lately? I was there last weekend, and they have several different kinds of absinthe, and fountians. I was especially happy to try the Marteau. Today I read in the paper that Liberty is debuting their new cocktail menu.


Welcome ZabbaDu! That username is so close to Xanadu that I wanna put on my legwarmers and sing with ELO! :)


I actually have not been to Liberty at all. I was going to check out Zig Zag Cafe today after work and hope that they have the Marteau (how is that pronounced by the way I am horrible at that).

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Yes, I know. It was a little joke. There was a well known historical figure who used to put a little "+" in his journal on days that he masturbated.


Alright, that does it. I will never use "/*++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++" or "<!--+++++++++++++++++++++++++" as comment dividers in code again!



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