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Hello from Chicago

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Hello all,


I have been lurking the forums for some time and I just finally got around to making an account. I am new to this scene but I have already invested a fair deal of money in this hobby. My first absinthe was Lucid and my first order was all four Jade's, Fountain, spoons, glasses..... As you can see I jumped into the deep end head first. If it was not for this forum my first purchase could have been KOSG :thumbdown: .

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A little update, here is a current list of the bottles I have ordered....



Roquette - 1797

Absinthe Doubs Mystique

Clandestine 53 La Bleue

La Ptite Swiss absinthe

La Coquette

Blanche de Fougerolles 74


Eichelberger 68 Verte

Absinthe Prométhée

Blanche Traditionelle "Brut d'alambic" 'Essai 4'

Twin Tec

Absinthe Marteau Verte Classique


Duplais Balance

Duplais Blanche




Edouard 72

Jade Verte Suisse 65

Jade PF 1901


Belle Amie


Helfrich Blanche




Currently hunting down the Sirene (Thanks for the recommendation) , but from what I see Sonja said it was on hold for now

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My lists have always been shorter but I like to order two of each. For the reason butch posted.


I know, it's always a size issue. *yellow smiley with tongue sticking out*

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