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Beautiful Loosher

Open Letter to Absinthes Wanting to Be Sold in US

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Hello Dear Spirits,


So we read happily here http://realabsinthe.blogspot.com/2008/06/m...o-usa-soon.html that new brands of you are making the journey across the sea, and albeit some are greeted with less enthusiasm than others, it is all in all a welcome trend.


Now, if you should have a chance, please tell your makers that we yearn to see you on the shelves of our local stores, to our mutual benefits. We recognize that there are legal federal hurdles to clear and, moreover, that there are negotiations to be made in order to secure distributorships, which occur state by state.


But please, as you wait patiently in your bottles for the opportunity to imbue us with your heady cheer, whisper if you will this clue to your producers:


Put The Names of The Distributors Per State Onto Your Website.


For, there they are, arranging press releases and engaged in what must be arduous schmoozing in order to make their brands known, but all is for naught if we toddle into our local purveyor and they have no clue how to order you! There you will be, sitting in your boxes, shoulder to shoulder, awaiting the warm grasp of that special someone, having traveled all that way, and we wander as if blind in searching for you.


There you have it, 'til then, sleep tight: we await your arrival.



B. Loosher


[edit] New York is so close, yet so far :) http://www.drinkupny.com/category_s/86.htm

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Sip it slowly and savor the goodness bobt.


Indeed. A bottle of CLB never lasts long in my cupboard. Not just because of the lower alcohol content mind you. ;)


I wish I had a chance to try the other Bugnon absinthes.

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I am looking forward to trying the Clandestine and the Duplais Verte for Christmas this year. That will be one expensive order though, so I plan on working a lot of overtime here in the next week to cover. After all the hype I am sure hoping it will be much more powerful than the Kübler I am enjoying now. From all the reviews I imagine it being much sharper on flavour, which to me is the most essential aspect of the drink.

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Way to go guys! :thumbup:


Semi OT:


Eric S.- I think you will be happy with your purchases, but I think it helps to keep an open mind. I've had expectations for absinthes I've ordered and then they turned out to be a bit different (but still good) when I actually tasted them.


For me, Clandestine is not necessarily sharper or bolder- it's still smooth, but it has more depth and range.


If the US version of Duplais Verte is anything like the Euro release, your desire for a bold drink should be fulfilled. Note how as the bottle breathes over a couple of weeks, the boldness remains, but it the contrast of flavors is less extreme.

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