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Mainstream(interrobang). Looks like I am going back to Old Crow. The cool kids took Knob Creek and now absinthe. The Crow is all I have left.

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This zombie thread gives me a humorous follow-up to something I though was stupid back when we first saw it.

The $150 cocktail shaker made by people who don't know what a cocktail shaker is used for!


This is the cocktail shaker made of thermal-retentive Nambe metal that has three times the cold retention of common metals, so you can stow the shaker in the freezer 30 minutes prior to happy hour, then pour chilled drinks without having to use ice which can dilute the taste of favorite concoctions.

Thing is, of course, that the whole point of using a cocktail shaker is the dilute the drink with ice water. It's why cocktail experts tell you not to put vodka in the freezer, because it will be cold enough to keep the ice from melting and giving the drink the crucial dilution.

So, the follow-up? When we saw this link a few months ago, this ill-conceived gizmo was $144. Now it's been bumped down to a still-ridiculous $99.

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