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Reuters Story Aug. 1

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Wow. Blast from the past. I talked to her probably a month ago. Not a bad article though. I like this part:


damned for its now-debunked hallucinogenic and addictive properties.


People are finally getting it right.


And for the record, I tell every one of them that I got the 20-25 estimate from Alan. Hopefully they've touched base with him too.

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No, they haven't checked with me! But since the 20 - 25 figure is based on info in the public domain, they don't need to.


FWIW, it's nearer 30 now.

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Overall, a pretty good article. The only item that gave me pause:


St. George, the first U.S. distiller to sell absinthe, produces 6,000 bottles per batch and is already on it's seventh batch of its Absinthe Verte since the December roll-out. After the first batch went on sale, ""we had a line of people out into the parking lot," Winters said.


!!! That's 42,000 bottles!!!


Tells me that a well-made product, even if it barely resembles "traditional" absinthe, will sell in this climate. At least Lance is a good spokesman for the drink.

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It was really kind of interesting: Last night at the interview in DC, they louched up a bunch of Lucid, St. George and Kübler. The people who like the flavor of anise liked either Lucid or Kübler more. Those who didn't really like anise, liked the St. George. But ALL of them liked learning about absinthe.


I think that even though SG isn't a traditional absinthe, it's most definitely helping our cause in that it's opening up absinthe to an audience that otherwise wouldn't care for it at all. My guess is that many of them will develop a taste for anise and branch out to more traditional brands at some point.

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