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The horrors! Third bottle close to empty and the only liquor store that I've found to carry it is out of stock and won't be getting more back in.


Apparently they are trying to find another distributor who can get it in Indiana but the previous one no longer carries it. :(

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Unfortunately, Pacific Distillery lost its access to a decent distribution chain when Tempus Fugit and Anchor Distilling got together in a new business deal. To this day, I'd love to know how and why the decision was made to drop them from the portfolio. Pacifique was always my top recommended absinthe to bar-keepers looking to add an absinthe to their inventory, and was always my go-to behind a bar. At least we still have Vilya here in Connecticut.


If the blanche referred to a way back ever comes to fruition, I'd be all over it.

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