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I got one of those shit bag kits from green dragon which has an oak barrell with it and two linen bags full of dried something to soak in vodka and everclear. This was a gift from friends who gave it to me for my birthday. I have no intention of trying this crap but am perplexed as what to tell them without hurting their feelings. I have already upset them by trying to explain that this is not real absinthe and that absinthe must be distilled. One of them became quite incensed that I would point that out.

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Weren't those kits supposed to be sold as a novelty?


Tell your friends that the stuff was interesting and that you've never tasted anything like it. No lie.


You appreciate the thoughtful gift and one day soon you'll return the favor. No lie.


It's amazing the things they come up with and you're not really sure how to describe it. No lie.


You were touched by their thoughtfulness and don't know what to say. No lie.


You have it in a special place and just waiting for the right time to put it together. No lie.


Awww you shouldn't have. No lie.



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Cool, a barrel! :devil:


Actually, I'd make up a batch (not using the barrel). Then invite your friends back and have them try some of the green devil. Then louche them a glass of the real stuff you have around. Lucid would work, I;m sure.


Then they'll taste the difference themselves.

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I was unfortunate enough to try one of those kit's when I was still in High School. They sent it no problem through the mail and getting a 5th of vodka and everclear was very easy as I was smart/dumb enough to have older friends. As for the taste, imagine hell in a bottle. I thought it was so nasty that I tossed it.

So when I finally tried Lucid, I thought it was the greatest thing on earth. Then when I took a chance on Kübler 53 I found something even better. And that isnt even the best so the lesson to be learned would be this: Herbal extracts in liquors can be good, but you have to have a clue on what your doing and what to add, and as far as Absinthe goes it should always be distilled.


Homemade peppermint vodka is great though, once strained and filtered after a week long soak it can be pretty good. Just add a packet of Stevia powder and you can have a cheap yet better homemade elixer.

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