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Judge Sewell Brands

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Some of you will appreciate this bit of history. In 1908 the village of Walton had not one, but two cigar factories. I don't know the size of these businesses, but our local paper every week prints some of the news from 100 years ago. From May 2, 1908 we have:




The text reads:



With Great Pleasure


We wish to announce to the lover of the weed that we have now, through the permission of the Hon. Judge Albert H. Sewell, placed on the market three of the finest cigars ever put before the public, namely: The




in three sizes which are


The Judge Sewell Puritianas

(10 CENT)


The Judge Sewell Little Bouquet

5 Cent Straight, both of which are made from same stock of finest Clean Havana Fillers and imported Sumatra Wrapper and of expert workmanship, also


Judge Sewell Perfecto

5 Cents, or 6 for a quarter, blended with the finest Havana and Domestic fillers with imported Sumatra wrappers.


If You Smoke Just for the Fun of Seeing the Smoke this will mean nothing, but if you smoke for real enjoyment you will sat after smoking the JUDGE SEWELL Cigar that you had your money's worth and more too. The makers of this brand pledged themselves to the namesake of these brands that these cigars would be of the finest quality to be obtained for the money. They also make this same pledge to the smoking public, that the quality of this brand will maintain its present standard. The Judge Sewell Cigars can be found at all cigar stands and stores.


Rosenfeld & Son : Makers

Walton, N.Y.

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