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Need help identifying this bottle

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I have an unopened bottle of Russian Champagne purchased approximately 35 years ago in Russia. The label fell off the bottle, but the bottle itself is perfectly intact, with the typical tin looking wrap covering the cork. If anyone can help with some history and / or tell me if it's worth anything I would appreciate it big time. post-1639-1205791092_thumb.jpg this is the label that fell off. :huh:

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This is the famous/infamous Sowjetskoje Igristoje. 1973 is the peak of its popularity in the USSR and its allied countries. Made according to methode champenoise (sp?), it was regarded very good sparkling wine and preferred over the genuine champagne which in some places at these times was not that widely available.


It was expensive-for the same price you could get 2 bots of Extra Żytnia, at least in Poland. Since pierestroika, every country of the Soviet bloc was making its more or less similar version, at the very moment, its approximations (much cheaper and worse) are made here in Poland, in Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania.


If I were you, I would save it for special occassion and drink it. Igristoje taste is crisp, citrusy with some boldness. It is semi-sweet but not in the style of for instance Gran Cinzano Spumante. The Lithuanian one made in "Boslita" is much sweeter for that matter with 50g/l of sugar, while Russian usually contains 40 g/l. Igristoje is also important part of two cocktails: Kremlin Lights and Burning Fires of Siberia.

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