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Brian Robinson

Aged Cigars

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OK all, here's the promised list of some stogies I am willing to part ways with. My humidor is stocked to the brim right now. And no, I'm not selling any of my Cuban stock! I realized I don't need to get rid of nearly what I thought I'd need to, so the list has pared down dramatically.


So, here's the deal, all of the listed smokes have been stored in my humidor since the day of purchase. My humidor has two sections (top for individual sticks, and bottom for boxes) each of which is equipped with a cigar oasis, and is regularly re-seasoned. You can rest assured that all cigars have been kept in the ideal environment.


So here's what I'm interested in letting go. Purchase dates are in parentheses:


Fuente Fuente Opus X-22 Special edition (2005) - 3 boxes. Choose from box numbers 47, 190 or 339 of 500.

Mario Palomino (1990)

Davidoff (1999)

Nub - several types, full boxes as well

Montecristo robusto - non cuban (2004)

Casa Fuente robusto (2005) - more from 2006 also available

Casa Fuente torpedo (2005)

Diamond Crown Maximus robusto (2004)

Gurkha Signature (2006)

Gurkha Black Dragon (08?)

Perdomo Vintage 1991 robusto (2007)

CAO America (2007)

God of Fire by Carlito Fuente (2005) Box NUMBER 1 and others.


I've got boxes of many other fine things as well, so feel free to ask if there's something specific you'd like.


Cash is OK, but I'm also fine with trading for alcohol (beer, wine, liquor, etc) or other tasty treats I may not be able to find in this neck of the woods.


I'll post pics later, since my cigar gauge is packed away in storage.

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Damn, I'm impressed. Wish I could spring for the Opus', but a whole box is out of my range. Some have been most enjoyable. Been trying to find Anejo No. 77's.

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If you are really hurting for space make a Coolerador real quick.

Get a decent size cooler put a humidifier in it and a bunch of Spanish Cedar.

It may take a day or so to get the humidity up, but it works well for a temporary solution.

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Since I literally haven't had a cigar since I posted this sale, I've concluded that I probably won't be smoking them much at all anymore.


That said, all of the above and tons more are now available for purchase or trade again. Including Cubans and the Fuente Anejos mentioned by TechDiver.

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