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Guillaume Lanfray

Fata Morgana!

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We've gone all out for you!


We even sprung for a (discounted) Chippendale (style) dancer!




We'll come back when he's done.


And gone. :tongue:

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Thank you for all the bday wishes! I wasn't on yesterday because I was too busy, but I came on today specifically to see all my well wishes and thank you all.



I had a really nice day, I slept in kinda late, and then spent a good portion of the day reading, and just cuddling with the boyfriend. Got to talk to an old very dear friend, and my Grandma called.


Then at night we went to Olive Garden, where I got surprisingly drunk on a single glass of wine (I dont know why it hit me so hard so quick), and then figured since I was already too sloshed to drive home, I might as well order the Frozen Tiramisu, dessert drink, which consists of Amaretto, Kahlua, some Italian vanilla liqueur and ice cream. It was amazing.


Then we went to a local pub, and I had some more drinks with the boy and my best friend (who was apparently the only one who loved me enough to show up to the bar), where I oddly enough sobered up (apparently its just fruit based drinks that get me drunk like that), and gave me a little picture of that "Tournee du Chat Noir de Rpdolphe Salis" that I do love so much.


I had a good time.

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