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Happy Birthday!


Your profile says you have a fascination with the sky. Given the occasion, I am reminded of a movie scene and a song:


The song, appropriately enough: "Happy Birthday" by Altered Images


linkBand link and part of the song (and lyrics, simple as they are)


The singer, Clare Grogan, was in the movie "Gregory's Girl" by Bill Forsyth.


There is a terrific scene near the end when Clare's character and "Gregory" share a moment gazing up into the sky that is just cinematic perfection. Besides capturing the wonder of "first love"...


Oh, well. A little sentimentality never hurt anyone. Especially on a birthday.

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Happy birthday, indeed.

As one of the few XX connoseiuers(connoseiuers of the drink, not of the XX! :)) about this place, happy birthday, and a drink to you!

I'm quite aware that I maight have spelled that wrong, but it's inqonsequential(is that one right?)now.

the harried sentiment is what counts.



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