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My Next Taste Test Will Be "Bonne Mère"

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Once my bitter Czech variety experiences are far behind me, I will crack a

bottle of Bonne Mère and start getting more serious with my absinthe reviews.


Starting in the gutter has allowed a fun bit of comedy here. I am humbled

and relish my absinthe virginity. It won't last long though, for soon I will

become an absinthe regulare. :cheers:

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Climbing up out of the swamp, now. The Bonne Mére is one I actually drink every few weeks. There's something about it, and at certain times it really hits the spot. It's kind of a lighter version of Verte de Fougerolles, but sweeter. Intended to be a pastis/absinthe crossover, and another special bottling made to order for Maison du Pastis.

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