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I thought it’s about the time I introduce myself

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Hello fellow absinthe lovers! I thought it’s about the time I introduce myself. I’ve been browsing this forum for a while now and it’s a nice little community you have here.

OK let me tell you a few things about myself. I’m originally from Lithuania, but I’ve been living in UK for the last four and a half years.

The first time I’ve heard the name Absinthe was when I read “For Whom the Bells Toll” by Ernest Hemingway. But back then I just thought that it’s probably some kind of Spanish spirit and forgot about it. The next time I came across absinthe was when I watched “From Hell”. That’s when I took notice. I thought, that must be a cool drink with a cool way to drink it :laf: . And then I saw that our local ASDA is selling Apsinthion Polski Absinthe. The next minute I was already paying for it. As I didn’t know much about absinthe at that time I was drinking it the way Johnny Depp drank it in the movie – using fire ritual :thumbdown: . I didn’t have a slightest doubt that it was an original absinthe ritual, especially as “Metal Hammer” – the magazine I read also suggested fire ritual, when drinking absinthe. Nevertheless I loved the drink. So when I finished the first bottle, I bought the second one, when I finished the second bottle, I bought the third one.

Not, so long ago I thought I must try some other absinthes as I was already finishing my third bottle of Absinthion. That’s when I started looking for absinthe reviews and other information about absinthe on the internet. And oh boy was I surprised, when I saw that there’s no fire involved in the original absinthe ritual :shock: . I read all the reviews carefully and it led me to buying sample bottles (0.2 l) of Jade 1901, Jade Edouard, Jade NO and Duplais. When I took my first sip of Jade 1901 (I prepared it using the correct ritual :) ) I understood that I’ll never buy a bottle of Absinthion again. At the moment my favourite absinthe is Jade Edouard. But I’m waiting for the delivery of Montmartre and Mansinthe, so you never know, my favourite one might change.

That’s my story. I hope you didn’t fell asleep while reading it :cheers: .

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Hi, Ghostorm. :cheers:


Metal Hammer's a great magazine, but they need to stick to what they actually know and stay away from absinthe. The whole fire ritual thing is prolly cuz King of Spirits buys ad space in the mag and that's all the Metal Hammer folks know.

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I've always been more into Sheet Metal myself. Truly cutting edge.



Where's the rimshot smiley?

Wah wahhhhh....



-just 'cuz I didn't think of it first

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:laf: :thumbdown: :shock: :) :cheers: , we're happy to have you!!!!

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