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Introducing myself all over again

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Hello Everyone.


I think I first came to these forums 8 months ago and since then have been so busy with other projects that I'm just getting back to the forums for the first time since things are settling down for me.


My first bottle of absinthe was a glory to behold. Never thought I would enjoy it so much but I did. I'm getting ready to order a few more bottles here in about a week. If anyone wants to throw suggestions at me thats more then fine. I had a bottle of the Jade PF last time and it was amazing but costly. Looking to get more for my buck and get a few bottles this time around.


Anyway, I live in Michigan. I'm into all sorts of stuff from art and music to swords and computers.


And to end this whole thing off just wanted to say thanks for helping me make my first drink of absinthe a good one as oppose to so many horror stories I've heard.

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Welcome Welcome back back! :cheers:

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