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Latest Thujone Hype from Sebor

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Here is the latest Thujone hype/propaganda from Sebor's latest newsletter:

Hello there absinthe-lover.

Well it appears that I've got some clearing up to do (of rumours that is) with all this talk about Absinthe now been legalised in the USA! The truth behind it all is that there appears to be a margin of error in the testing of Thujone content in Absinthe and Absinthes containing less than 1.5mg/kg of Wormwood are in fact legal as the Thujone cannot be detected using the US testing method. So beware of any imitations, there is still only one genuine Sebor Absinth that guarantees 10mg/kg of Wormwood, just follow the link to the site to buy yours!! www.seborabsinth.com

I still can't imagine anybody who enjoys drinking this stuff regularly (especially at the cost).

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Yea, but this may be a new twist on high thujone. They may now start claiming that they were wrong and their products are 10ppm, perpetuate THIS myth for 6 months, clean out stock, and push for getting it into the US since FDA now will allow up to 10mg/L Alpha thujone.


They might be unscrupulous swillmongers, but they know which way the wind blows.

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We've come to that inevitable fork in the road between excess and moderation. <sigh>


I guess I should have known from the overflowing ashtray.

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