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Headed to Sacramento/San Fran

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I'm headed out to Sacramento / San Fran area next week to visit a friend.


Just wanted to know if any restaurant or bar at least served Lucid??


Also, is the Absinthe restaurant in San Fran any good???


Thanks for your help

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To the best of my knowledge, Lucid has yet to make a distribution deal in CA, so you probably won't see it on the back bar.


My favorite place for fancy cocktails is Alembic in the upper haight.


Absinthe Bar & Brasserie is generally a reliable place for good cocktails and pretty decent Bistro-style food. It has been going through a bunch of changes lately. I believe they have a new executive chef and there may be some other changes among the bar manager and GM percolating.


I've been a few times; but, not for food, in a half a year or so. The current dinner menu does look tasty.


Drop me a PM, if you need more info.



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In San Franscisco there is a place called "The Stinking Rose", which is supposed to be some kind of garlic resturant, I think. I also think it's located near City Light Books, but I wouldn't know for sure. The only resturants I know in SF are little ones near my ex-girlfriend's house. Near Mission in Geneva there's a place called Little Joe's. They do pizza and Italian food. Only wine and beer for booze though.

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