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Amber von Doom

Well... Happy 39th Birthday, Vincere

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Thank you!


:mbanana: Thank you! I had a great day today!


Thanks! I had a big lovely steak for lunch! And it was expensed so I was all set.


Happy b-day!

Thank you! I'm having a better day than I expected!


Happy birthday Vincere!


Thanks so much! :yahoo:


Happy Birthday! :cheers:

Thank you sir!


Have a great day! :happybday:

Thanks, all the well wishes are coming true! I had a great time, and a great steak!


Vincere, darling. Isn't it great to look young? :cheers: :wub:


Don't you know it sweetie! :bguitar: I got told I look 28 today! You have to love that. I will start worrying when I get that John Travolta "inflated balloon head" that he has. Once you get that big JT head, you're done for. :dev-cheers:


Thirty-nine is a dangerous age: Jack Benny died when he was 39!

:happybday: :arrr:


Really? Was he married? I never knew that. When you have to go, you got to go I guess. :reaper:


Thanks! It's going great so far!


:thumbup: Thank you everyone, for the well wishes!! :thumbup:


I've had a great day! Now I'm going to enjoy my presents!

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Happy Day, Happy Day! :cheers: :mbanana: :holiday:

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:happybday: :biggrin: :happybday:


Thank you! I feel like I have a week long party happening!


Happy Day, Happy Day! :cheers: :mbanana: :holiday:


Thanks so much! This has been a great week so far!

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