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So we ate at Rothchild's on PCH last night. It was amazing!


We started the evening in the lounge for Bubbly Hour.

I had three different champagne cocktails:

A Champs Elys Ees (Brut, cognac and strawberry liquer)

A Southern Belle (Brut, Amaretto, Apricot Brandy)

A Grand Champagne (Brut, Grand Marnier, Bitters)


With the Bubbly we were each served a little appetizer plate that had:


Pate with Cumberland Sauce (That was SOOOOOO good!)

Smoked Salmon and trout


Toasted Artichole Heart

and a little tiny cup of Lobster Bisque


Then we moved to the lovely (but tiny) dining room.


We ordered a bottle of the J Vineyards Russian River Pinot Noir

For more appetizers, we had Escargot and Shrimp de Jonghe. The broth on both of these was so delicious we kept sopping it all up with the bread.


For our entrees, I had the Linguine Maremonte and my friend had the Paglia e Fieno Rothchild's. The crab in both were fabulous! So succulent. We really enjoyed the entrees, but my friend said I make those dishes better!


For dessert we split a creme brulee.


It was a really nice night. Of course I couldn't sleep last night with all of that rich food in my system! I don't think I'll be able to eat for a few days! (Or at least until late this afternoon).


We had a gift certificate there, so that really helped out with the cost. The half price champagne and free appetizer sampler plates helped, too! The bubbly hour thing they have going on was a great bargain. It might even draw me away from my beloved French 75's Bubbly Hour every now and then. :cheers:

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I've heard of that joint, Nymph. Glad you enjoyed it (and even more so with the certificate)!


You may want to save some of that codeine to help you slip into the night after those heavy TOTC meals. ;)

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Sorry about that! Two blondes and all. B)

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