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Homemade fountain for sale

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Would anyone be interested in buying a home-made fountain that works and looks great? I'll post a picture in a few minutes. I took time putting it together. I waited to find just the right base and jar. I also have 4 of the silver spigots that weren't used. There's two gold ones on there now and I have the other two gold ones that I didn't use. I was intending on making it a four spout, which it could easily be made into, but I settled for two since only I was using it. There's a thick foam on top of the base, industrial velcro holds the jar so you can easily clean it and fill it. I'll throw in the four silver spouts.


It stands about 22 inches tall. There's 11 inches under the spouts. Works with even the largest East glasses. Holds enough ice and water for about 8 drinks. I've used this one about 10 times. Works perfect. I used the right kind of sealant also - no odor or taste whatsoever.


Looking for about $70 considering all the materials (including the 6 extra spigots - 2 gold, four silver).


I'm in the US so shipping isn't much. PM me if you want it.



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I moved the first post over here because I thought it was more appropriate.


I don't necessarily think it's a stupid thing to sell here, but most of the homemade fountain posts are about how someone can make one themselves for cheap.


Off-hand, I'd say the base looks a little too narrow to be stable.

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I thought the base was too slim but it's not. I filled it with water the first time and tilted the base in a few directions - nothing moved, didn't tip over, and none of the velcro gave way. It's pretty nice actually. Handles tall glasses with wide bases (East). Asking only $70 + $10 shipping.


Blue jar: $25

Silver base: $25

Spigots: $45 (all 8)

Velcro: $20 - this is the industrial version - super strong

Foam pad: $1

Time: Free because it should be


Asking only $70 + $10 shipping.

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