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Hill's Czech style Absinth

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I live in B.C., Canada. Everyday is National Pot Smoking Day.


The Prince is "dead", long live the Prince! :thumbup:

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We had an informal absinthe tasting party at our place last weekend, and after I wrote it up on my weblog (scroll down to the 3rd post), good ol' Google AdSense started throwing some absinthe-related ads onto the page.


One of them, for a site selling nothing but Czech "absinth," had this in their listing for Hill's (emphasis mine):


Absinthe Hill's has been discontinued.


Our mission at Absinthe Original is to showcase the finest Czech modern absinthes, to describe them honestly and to price them fairly. That is why we've decided to discontinue Hill's absinthe. It was one of the first absinthes available at our store and we kept Hill's absinthe to satisfy some of those customers that were looking for this particular brand. In our opinion, producers of Hill's absinthe are unable to sustain quality of a commercially produced absinthe and that is why we are no longer stocking this alcoholic drink. We are positive that we can offer many other real absinthe products at much better prices whether it is artificially coloured Staroplzenecky absinthe or Absinthe Verdoyante. However, if you still insist on buying Absinthe Hill's, we are trully sorry but you will have to keep searching.


The irony, of course, is that "King of Spirits" still features prominently amidst their product line despite their self-proclaimed insistence on quality and desire to describe them honestly.


Anyway, I found this interesting.

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