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Another n00b adds more noise than signal

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Sorry, I seemed to have broken protocol and posted a few things without properly introducing myself. I am a transplanted NYer (Long Island) living in the suburbs north of Seattle. (Well it was Seattle when I moved here.) Came here in late 1981, with my art portfolio and $175 in my pocket, right from college (SUNY College at Buffalo) with a BFA in Printmaking.


Being a Fine Arts major, when it came to gainful employment, the world was my oyster. Ended up in the corporate life, getting involved with computers in 88, (20 MB HD, 1 meg or RAM ,6 inch B/W screen, only $3000! Killer! I think my Coffee Maker has more memory now.) and went from DTP to (as we used to say, for the benefit of you kids out there, "cyberspace") around 1990. I remember when being able to do a colored background on a web page was NEW, and when Microsoft's browser first came out ("Ha! They will never catch up with Netscape! The FOOLS.") Well, that kind of acumen carried me through the whole dot-com bubble, where, of course, I didn't make a dime.


Meanwhile I tried doing art work on the side, going from printmaking to using a computer, helped found a local printmaking Collective and got married to a wonderful woman and fellow printmaker from Hawaii. (Who allows me to spend way too much money or bizarre green beverages form foreign lands or beer from Belgium, and is slowly developing a taste for anise.) Oh, if you are interested in my artwork, the web site is here. I have not done much art lately, or even updated my web site (which at one time has been ASP, JSP now PHP, you know, all the P's). My wife and I have our own business, and work at home, with two cats and about 20 computers (I can never give them away... they're family!)


I was introduced to absinthe (Oh right! this was about absinthe!) by a knowledgeable friend and thanks to the WS, have skirted KOS Gold and Green Devil, though the slummer in me always wonders "but HOW bad?!". Right now I do a lot of web development and Flash work, and spend way too much time clicking on the Wormwood Society tab in Firefox when I should be working! Thanks for this resource, otherwise I would be chewing on a very pricey Czech absinth right now, and waiting for the thujone hallucinations to kick in.

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Greetings and welcome! I enjoyed the work on your website.

Le's see, the last time I was in Buffalo, Joe Ferguson was still QB for the Bills.


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I guess I'm the oddball here but I didn't like Firefox.

I don't know if it just didn't run well on my system, but I LOVE the new IE.

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