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What are you cooking tonight?

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Just made an amazing plate with this awesome Italian sausage with provolone and fresh parsley in vodka sauce over bucatini. And I guess I'll have to keep this secret to myself here because, well, Kathy doesn't like bucatini. :devil:

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Went to my parents' place for my mother's 60th birthday and performed a bit of gourmet cooking



- Butter cooked angler liver, deglazed with strawberry vinegar on toasts of whole weat bread


Starters :


- Veal tartare on cucumber with a beet jelly

- Caramelized pumpkin velvety soup

- Red onions "gratinée" (a typical French soup with white wine, eggs, onions, toasted bred and toasted cheese)


Main course

- Lac Léman's fera (a high end fish found only in the lake separating France from Switzerland), one side cooked

- Mâche salad, with pomegranate and grapefruit vinaigrette, topped with fried apple chips

- Goat cheese, spinach and honey samosa



- Fruit soup with vanilla infused Clairette de Die (a sweet sparkling white wine from my mother's birthplace), containing strawberry sorbet, strawberries, orange supremes

- Home made cinnamon and four spices sablés

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Weez jus don't eet like 'dat here in da stayts.

Numbah tree pleeze wit a diet coke!!


Ahem, anyway, yes, very impressive meal and adventurous at that.

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Thanks guys :) You are going to make me blush :p

Truth is I am a real cooking geek, what with my elder brother and best friend both being former chefs (also my mother's cooking is much more family cooking like, but it's good to the point some restaurants have asked for her recipes) :)


If anything spikes your interest in particular, I'll be delighted to post the recipe. Though it looks impressive, save for handling the fish nothing is extraordinary difficult.


But performing everything in an afternoon was a tremendous challenge. You have to perform several tasks at a time and know precisely beforehand how you are going to use your tools in parallel, and in what order you are going to do everything.


and adventurous at that.

Well, truth be told, I try new things in my kitchen most of the time. Even if the recipe is very classic, I will sometimes add something unexpected, just to add a spark. Learnt that from my mother, who uses chocolate in her venison pepper sauce.

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Collard, mustard and turnip greens and chicken sauteed in soy sauce, fish sauce and olive oil with garlic, thai chili peppers, black pepper added. A nice repasso to go with it.


Takes me back to my days living in Asia.

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I'm going try to cook rabbit for the first time.

Marinaded with black pepper, salt, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and olive oil mix.

After marinading the rabbits i cooked them in oven with tomatoes, lemon, thyme, coriander, shallots, chicken stock and sherry.


I really hope this turns out ok because rabbit meat isn't cheap over here....

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