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1940-1945 Argenti, samples available

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I just received a bottle of the Spanish Absenta Argenti from around 1940-1945. Looking at the bottle, it could be a couple of years earlier as well, but to be safe, I keep it on this side of the 1940 line.


The condition of the bottle is very good and there's still some of the original wax seal left around and on top of the neck and cork.


The alcohol level is measured to 67-68%.


This one actually differs a bit from the regular Spanish ones as it's not as anise-heavy. There's the very classic pre-ban/vintage "woody" taste to it as well as of course anise and wormwood.


So, I have four 50ml samples that I sell. Those who buy one of those also get the unique opportunity to add a 25ml sample of a 1970 Argenti for comparison to see how an absenta from the same distillery, branded the same, changed its formula over the years.


Very reasonably priced. PM me for details...









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