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Bet you thought I was dead??

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So I have yet to meet anyone here yet. I tried to make it to the New Years Eve party, but got lost I am embarrassed to say. Drove around for an hour and gave up. (Hell, I'd most likely loose my ass if it wasn't attached to me.)


I see deepsnog FINALLY made his way here. He is the ONLY one in this group I actually kinda know. Hell, I see him everytime I am in Seattle at the clubs.


So MAYBE I can make it to the next event. This next time it might me a good idea to get someone's cell # in case I can't find my way again. Honestly, I am REALLY not that stupid, I just don't know my way around area's I haven't really been to.


I will be in Seattle Friday night....maybe the Mercury. Anything EXCITING going on?

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It will be in March on the 12th.









Double post edited to make it somewhat relevant.

Edited by G&C

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