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LDF has Duplais Balance!

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Has anybody got any pictures of the Balance in a glass? I got mine but it looks a bit cloudy - the bottle was pretty cold when I got it so I'm thinking the anethole crystallised a bit.




I’m on my second glass. I watched it louche from the top. I noticed small green flakes on top that kind of sank then came to the surface and span around a bit before being 'pulled' into the centre of the glass (where the stream of water was hitting). The water beat them around before making them disappear.


I took that to mean I added enough water and tasting it now it's creamier, the tastes are more...balanced...and the aroma of the coriander is much more prominent, which makes it more balanced again as before it was dominated by anise.


I can't complain.

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Very clean and crisp looking, MTG.

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Eh!?? :laugh:

I'm halfway through the bottle....Have to slow down! I wanted to make this last more than a month....

Mine's clear by the way, with no cloudiness or bits floating in it....(I refer of course to the Balance, and not anything else B) ).




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