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Greetings and Happy New Year

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Hi folks,


Reading these forums for a little while, this seems as good a time as any to finally join in-- hiyo!


It's amazing to see the renaissance of absinthe in recent years-- bravo to Hiram for hosting this site and for setting people straight. I started opening my mouth similarly last year on tribe.net, attempting to shine some light on the history and reality of this stuff, and it's encouraging to meet kindred spirits here and elsewhere.


To keep track of news (read: "things I consider newsworthy") and stuff about absinthe, I put up a blog last year that I've been updating more frequently:


Feel free to stop in and comment or just check it out and get the feed.


As for my own interest, I was bitten by the bug in art history class in college when my professor had no clue about absinthe beyond it being some kind of drug that was bad for you. That was quite enough to keep the curiosity level up until I moved to New Orleans-- then the curiosity exploded! Many lovely Mardi Gras afternoons at the Old Absinthe House (now some daquiri place), and a small dose of history at The Old Absinthe House Bar (still there) made the history come alive, if just a little. The Conrad book was _the_ big eye opener, then the Czech garbage was only a precursor for the good stuff-- thrilling that a proper industry is making my/our obscure historical fascination a reality.


Now, I think I'll pour another...:)

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Welcome aboard and thanks for letting us take a look at your blog! :cheers:

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