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The water here in NYC is actually very good, in terms of being safe to drink, but that's because they treat it with so many chemicals, so I still use the Brita to take that flouride edge off.


BTW, bottled water is bullshit. It can be more contaminated than tap water from most cities, as bottled water companies aren't required to conform to municipal water standards and test for certain bacteria. Sometimes, as is the case with Dasani, it's just rebottled municipal water that would otherwise be used in Coca-Cola.


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You're right Gatsby, Its good to know your source.


I like Talking Rain bottled water, or well water from the Sultan Basin area of Snohomish County, WA. for my Absinthe.


Talking Rain bottled water really does come from an artesian spring in Preston, WA. It tastes better than the Seattle water system's water from the Tolt river - (which I drink straight from the tap in my 40 year-old house, from my 40 year-old lead soldered copper pipes). Brita filtered tap water is good too.



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Marmots piss in the water up there.  Can't be worse than city water though.

The last hike the kids and I were on we saw marmots all over the place once we got about half way into Spray Park. Cute little devils, very playful. As far as water, I think all the water I've tasted in King Co. is not fit to drink straight out of the tap. I used Aquafina and Dasani for my absinthe so far.

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"Nice Marmot"

That's one of my favourite Lebowski quotes.

It was difficult to resist quoting it. It looses something without the holding in the lungsful of weed smoke though.


"Und tomorrow vee come bock und cut off your chonson." "Ja! Und vee step on it und svoosh it!"



Thanks Gordon.

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