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Jane Avril

Name my Christmas Present!

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There is something so fun about calling, "YO! Vinnie Van Gogh!" (Note to self - call all friends name Vinnie, Vinnie Van Gogh)


But I am sure our witty members can think of something hilarious.

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Literally guffawing at you guys!


At first I thought "Larry", still like it, but it took a few days for "Vinnie!" to hit me, and I love that name. I lived for 5 years in NJ, so I've known a few. Your vote is duly recorded, Alyssa!


I think an every day/neighbor name will be best! I need a name that reflects his colors and his "tude. I won't have him for about 3 weeks yet. I though of Van Gogh before I thought of the connection to Absinthe, but it works in all ways.


Pan, although I like Go Man, and am recording that vote, I'm simply NOT ready to name him after OMG Bill, even though both change their colors with their moods. I really did right down Go Man. I'm taking this seriously, but still get the final say-so. I'll be posting ALL results from many forums.


BTW, unlike louching, true Panther Chameleons (from Ambilobe Bay, Republic of Malagasy, Madascar) don't change their colors to match their surroundings. This subspecies is the most colorful and, generally, the most expensive.



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A rainbow. But is there an afterlife for chameleons.


Their brains are very small and reptiles are barely aware of their own existence. (This is fact)


He breathes, therefore he is?


Knock, knock!

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