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Alan Moss

OK .. not so new!

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Howzabout "Call me Ishmael," as in "only I am escaped, alone, to tell thee."


Modesty prevents me accepting any name alluding to Moby Dick, especially given the first definition here of moby.



You'll always be Alan Moss to me (*sniff*)....


Anyways - how exciting for you!


Still going to come visit you when I can finally get myself back over the pond.


And I was worried you only wanted to see me because of all those absinthe bottles at the old office. That's great: I look forward to seeing you (and even your BF) in England soon. And anyone else here.


Hey, come stay. At $ 50 a night for traditional English B & B, I could retire soon.

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Alan, good to see you're still around, feels like you're still here :)


I was just working myself up to try La Fee, oh well...

Come on, Sachelle, you have to give him the pitch.


I really enjoyed La Fée, yes yes I would say that working here and all that... but seriously it was one of the first absinthes I tried and I enjoyed it. Not sure why anyone wouldn't want to try it?!


Had the pleasure of tasting a pre ban absinthe at the Absinthiades last weekend along with some other interesting variations - and so my education continues...

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