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For Spanish Speaking absintheurs

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Cuando descubri que absinthe en español es ajenjo, vino a mi recuerdos de mis lecturas de secundaria, asi que estoy en la busqueda de toda la literatura española o hispanoamericana que incluya al ajenjo.



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I read in the news recently that after 45 years of legendary grisefests, Gris-Antonio himself (owner of Casa Antonio, Gran Canaria) have decided to put these hilarious events to an end...

:cheers: to an epoch never to see its like again.

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Digging through JSTOR at last week, I found an article called "My Nightmare. The Last Tale by Poe", by John E. Englekirk, 1937. It was very interesting, regarding the treatment of Poe in Hispanic literature.

The article's author makes the case for Poe's "final story", Mi Pesadilla, being written instead by Zarate Ruiz. It was published in 1902 in El Mundo Ilustrado, in Mexico City.


Absinthe is mentioned in a short paragraph as protagonist in both Amnesia, and Mi Pesadilla.

One of the "proofs" that the author uses to defend that Poe couldn't have written these, is that Poe only ever used wine as the alcoholic beverage of choice in his stories.


Have any of you seen this article?

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The article itself is 18 pages long, so I will provide the absinthe reference here, for the rest(most interesting part!) of the article, you'll need to log onto JSTOR.


Another link in the chain of evidence that would hold Zárate Ruiz responsible for the hoax may be found in a tale he published in El Mundo for October 9,1898, shortly after he had written ((Mi pesadilla" and "Edgardo Poe." Poesque, yes, but more specifically like the Poe to whom is

attributed the authorship of "Mi pesadilla:"

Más tarde, muchos sueños, muchos. Yo tenía todas las noches una pesadillahorrible, muy horrible, y siempre la misma estoy seguro-pero sólo en el sueñosabía cuál era. A la mañana siguiente-jnada!, ni un recuerdo; sólo sobre elcerebelo una lápida de mármol, y en el cuerpo una insufrible flaxidez. ¡Ajenjo!.¡Ajenjo!


It will be noted that the protagonists of both tales-"Amnesia" and

"Mi pesadilla," are victims of absinthe. Poe is the victim of alcohol, of wine, never of absinthe. Absinthe did not become popular until the advent of the French Decadents of the late ninteenth century. The drink

was widely heralded in all of their writings, and it was probably from these European descendants of Poe that Zárate Ruiz borrowed this later and even more effective device for the guarantee of madness and of



The story, again, is that a Mexican writer, who apparently had a history of "loosely basing" his own stories on Poe's works, claimed to a Mexican paper to have found Poe's last writing.


I hope you can access the article. It is interesting, if not altogether accurate.

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