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Bluewolf Pete

Howdy howdy howdy!

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Hi All!

I've recently had my first experiences with absinthe and have joined the Wormwood Society, due to the wonderful influence of my outstanding friend Bifford.


So far I've tried Pernod 68, Absinthe Verte de Fougerolles, and Franco-Suisse.

(Also a glass of Hill's that showed up at a 4th of July party, but I'd rather forget that and the headache it left me with).


While I understand that these may not be the top of the heap, I've had an enjoyable start that can only be improved upon.


And I very much look forward to this new adventure, having already had the pleasures of exploring the worlds of ale, wine, whiskey, and martini's, among other forms of drink.


Anyway, I've listed a quick sketch of most of my interests in my profile.

And while my earlier life was spent enjoyably in the Middle-Atlantic states, for the past 21 years I've lived within spitting distance of Seattle.


So, once again, I look forward to becoming much more familiar with both the Society and absinthe.

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Welcome! :cheers:

So we have a DesertWolf, GreyWolf, and now a Bluewolf, we still have long way to go to catch up with the cats though. :D

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