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Need help finding Herbsaint!

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I had to order a bottle of Herbsaint online. I didn't like it as much as I thought I would, because it's a bit, "Stemy" as a friend of mine described it. Still, I'll have some every now and then when I'm not in the mood for absinthe proper.

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While it's not absinthe, an Herbsaint frappe can be a pretty tasty thing when made properly.


I've come to really respect Herbsaint as a mixing spirit, even though I understand it's but a shadow of its former self. Herbsaint has a bit more of a rugged, coarse quality as compared to Pernod, Ricard and the like, which means it stands up for itself better in a cocktail (and while I like Henri Bardouin, I think its flavor is easily swept away when mixed with other ingredients).


If absinthe isn't at hand, I like using Herbsaint in the Atty / Attention / Arsenic & Old Lace (three names for what's evolved into pretty much the same drink), which matches its flavor against dry vermouth and creme de violette, with a hearty gin backbone supporting everything (and sometimes a little orange bitters just for pizzazz). Pernod would just make the drink sweet and muddy tasting, but Herbsaint helps keep it crisp.

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