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Yet another newb

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Hi all - found this Board through Google searches on "absinthe". Got bit by the bug during a trip to London three years ago when I saw a bottle of Hill's while scouting single malts in a Waitrose. (After eveything I've read, I'm glad I didn't pick it up...)


The germ incubated until early this year, when I started researching absinthe a little more seriously through print and the internet. Took the plunge a few months back and ordered a bottle of Edouard from LDF. I was seriously intrigued.


Since then, I've tried Montmartre, François Guy, BDF and the Jade Blanchette all with varying results.


This is a great board for gathering information and comparing my experiences with those of others. Thanks to Hiram for making it available.

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Thanks for asking - it made me realize I left one off the list - Jade's Edouard.


Montmartre and Edouard are tie for my favorites thus far, although what I prefer to drink seems to depend largely on my mood. Sometimes the François Guy is enough to wash that "taste-craving" out of my mouth. The Blanchette is unique among those I've sampled thus far. The caramel-like flavor some posters have identified struck me almost like creme brule, but I only get it on the finish.


At this early point in my experience, absinthes strike me as similar to another fleshly pleasure I enjoy tremendously - cigars. Although they are all basically the same, they are all very different, and my enjoyment thereof is dependant both on their quality as well as my mood at the time.

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Welcome! :cheers:


At one time I owned and read your entire collection, but I always had trouble getting past pages 46-47 of "Visions of Cody". :)

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And a hearty hello!


From whence do you hail mighty traveler? Your Avatar indicates the "Northern Tier", but through entirely my own ignorance that is an unfamiliar province.


Am currently living in Minnesota, but have also dwelt in Wisconsin, Maryland, Oregon and Ontario, Canada.

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