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Since this hasn't been done in awhile I thought I would post a breakdown of absinthe prices from LDF.

Prices include shipping which I averaged at $21.40 a bottle based on a 3 75cl bottle order. Obviously shipping prices will change a bit depending on exactly what's ordered as well as dollar conversion rates so this is just a rough estimate (thus I rounded everything to the tenth).

S.D. (standard Drink) is 1.5oz of 40% alcohol.

This is all assuming my math is correct.



Name--------Size(cl)---Alc %----Price $--------$ per 1 oz------$ per S.D.

Jade NO---------75------68------124.86----------4.90------------4.30

Jade VS---------75------65------124.86----------4.90------------4.60

Jade ED---------75------72------124.86----------4.90------------4.10



Clan 53---------75------53------96.70-----------3.80------------4.30

Capric 72-------70------72------90.33-----------3.80------------3.20


UE 68-----------70------68------96.70-----------4.10------------3.60

UE sapin--------70------68------100.50----------4.30------------3.80

UE blanche------70------68------96.70-----------4.10------------3.60

UE fairy--------70------60------92.94-----------3.90------------3.90















Eich V----------50------68------62.82-----------3.70------------3.30

Eich B----------50------58------59.05-----------3.50------------3.60


Most expensive to least expensive based on SD (all are quite close)

Jade VS------4.60

Jade NO------4.30

Clan 53------4.30

Jade ED------4.10


UE fairy-----3.90

UE sapin-----3.80


UE blanche---3.60

UE 68--------3.60

Eich B-------3.60




Eich V-------3.30

Capric 72----3.20








Comparing this to wine based on a SD absinthe costs the same as a $23 to $13.50 bottle of wine.

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Very impressive. But why not keep it simple by calculating just the price per centiliter?

In the 1oz category it's because most americans understand oz better than cl and since the reservoir on the pont glass is around 1oz I figured that would be a good number. In the SD category I think making them even in alcohol is important to fairly compare them (and makes it easier to compare to other drinks). Take the extreme example of Guy vs Brut, per oz guy is cheaper but if you were to dilute brut down to 45% it becomes cheaper.

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I also forgot to add that if you like to just drink a glass or two every day or every other day then you should probably pay more attention to the price per oz.

If you are binge drinking, partying or drinking for effect you should pay more attention to the price per SD. Since you can throw back a good number more ounces of guy than say brut.

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Is there any other way to watch Becker?

Starbucks may be more expensive, but it's really hard to get away with drinking a 16 oz glass of absinthe on the train ride into work every morning.

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I drink Absinthe and/or water. Does it make me a purist?


Probably not but it's comfortable.


The price per drink is very reasonable.


Shall I pour?



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Also proving what great value the Ike and Kübler are.


LdF "Three of the Same" special of K53 (100cl) shipped to these here parts is just about $267 which comes to roughly $89 per bottle with shipping (guess where my tax check went).

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Nice work Ari.

My only complaint is that there are no crap brands in those calculations,

that way everyone could see how overpriced they are.

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Choice sinth from absinth24, shipping around 25.30 a bottle (for a three bottle order). Absinth24 has pretty reasonable prices for crap compared to some places which seriously rip you off (not that making you pay anything to dispose of hazardous waste isn't a rip off).


Name--------Size(cl)---Alc %----Price $--------$ per 1 oz------$ per S.D.




Tabu strong--50--------73--------74.30---------4.40------------3.60


Hills comes in amazingly at half the price of a Jade, now if only it was a fourth the taste. No surprise with KoSG.



And for those who may be wondering I chose LDF because it's popular and I didn't want to complicate things (like different shipping rates) anymore than I had to.


*The new special "affordable" 100 mg/l thujone absinth.

**No longer sold at absinth24 but was original $190.

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The comparison to wine was interesting, but how does it compare with other spirits? I'm specifically thinking things like Scotch and Cognac, spirits that you normally drink straight.

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Assuming you are drinking 40% ABV 750ml bottle Scotch, or other spirit it would be $46-$78 a bottle with an average of $62.


Random math note (although technically poor math), 1.5 oz is aprox 44.4 ml. A 1.5oz 40% ABV drink contains 17.76 ml pure alcohol. Coincidence? I think not. :P

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Just a tangent, speaking of absinthe prices: friends of Kübler 53, who happen to go to (or rather, from) Switzerland must not miss a visit to the airport's tax free shop. They have the one liter bottles for 28 Euro (approximately 36 USD), which must be considered a very good price I think.

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