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Martin Lake!

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On the subject of trepanning, I used to get this newsletter for giggles and schitts. This society is quite serious about having the procedure, and claim enhanced memory and general serenity (now) from having the pressure removed off their brain. Here’s the last newletter/update I got back in August of ought2. I can’t remember how I first came across this practicing group. Needless to say, I couldn’t believe there were present day advocates and that it was still a medical practice (hence the clinic in Mexico). I think it was because it’s the oldest known form of surgical medicine, and I became fascinated with the evidence of it in the fossil record (e.g. Egyptian and Mesoamerican) as part of my paleoanthropology hobby. Not sure the links provided work anymore, but the parent website is still viable at:

Hole in yer head?


"Dear folks,

ITAG is once again putting an excursion together to have people trepanned at the Monterrey clinic. This trip will take place the fourth week of Sept. 2002. We are scheduled to arrive on Sat. or Sun. Sept. 21-22, to be trepanned on Monday Sept 23rd and to be ready to depart anytime after late on Tuesday Sept.24.


To date there have been thirteen people who have used these services. All of these people have found the clinic and the surgeon to be top notch.


The total for the medical expenses is $3600 for those wishing to remain anonymous and who do not want to participate in the filming and the media presentations. For those who sign the interview release agreeing to be on film using their real name and unblurred image and who will be public participants providing a before and after statement there is a discount of $1200 (total cost $2400).


Six people were trepanned on June24th this year. There are three people commited to this trip and we are welcoming you to come along. The engramming study course is a requirement as always. There are a bunch of you out there who have completed the course already and could be ready for the trip. There is still enough time that anyone could complete the engramming and come along. The coloring book for engramming is at the trepan.com website as a free download:



If you haven't read about people who have been to the Monterrey clinic you can do so at:



Wolfgang and Ray have each written something about themselves and the upcoming trip this is attached here as MSWord docs. Anyone who no longer wants to be on this mailing list should reply with remove in the subject line. My best wishes to all and much success in you life."


Wild, huh? And for about the price of a mere 40 bottles of absinthe. With courier shipping, o'course.

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