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Hello from San Francisco's East Bay

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I've been an absinthe-dabbler for a couple of years, having been introduced to it via some surprisingly tasty home-grown stuff (and never mind my first encounter, via Sebor *shudder*) and, a few months ago, I got my hands on a bottle of Verte Suisse and my friends were lucky that I followed through with the promised tasting because I really wanted to keep it to myself. ;)


This year, I've decided to step up the pase of my education and I'm lucky in that there are opportunities to taste absinthe cropping up every now and then around the SF Bay Area.


(that I'm ordering another couple of bottles for taste-testing with friends in a few weeks, which should be great fun, one hopes)


I've found the reviews here and on feeverte.net extremely helpful in avoiding the obviously-awful brands - although I"m probably going to hell for admitting I rather like Trenet, which I tried for the first time last night.


Otherwise, I'm your typical thirtysomething geek with a husband, blog, and a house in the burbs. Absinthe provides some much needed exoticism and lets me indulge my occasionally smothered inner romantic - I'm a bit of a cynic most days, you see.


Anyways, I'm glad to be here, and look forward to rummaging through the archives.


- Johanna

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Welcome aboard. There are quite a few members from the Bay are on the forum.


Graywolf is member here as well.


Oh, right on! I'll have to look out for him.


Your luvly gift is due for delivery on the 12th, btw and I can't wait! :)


- johanna

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This year, I've decided to step up the pase...

I'd be careful with those bullfighting maneuvers. Welcome! :cheers:

Bloody hell, I hate typos.


Must the fumes from last night's absinthe tasting still running around my head. ;)


- JM

B) Welcome aboard,Johanna!whatchu gonna order? :cheers:

My current fave is Verte Suisse, but I tried Libertine for the first time last night and rather liked it... However, I want to get my greedy mitts on some blanches before I make a final decision.


And in July, I'll be hosting a get-together to drink up some Eduoard and Nouvelle Orleans - nummers!




- Johanna

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Welcome Johanna! :cheers:


Just a few points of local protocol: you can edit your typos with the "Edit" button. There's also a spellchecker installed.


Also, it's considered redundant to quote the post directly above yours unless it's a lengthy post and you simply want to reference part of it, or in case someone said something you specifically want to preserve in case they edit it.


Have fun!

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