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Playing the Bass with my band "The Moondogs"


OK. So I am musing on all things green as I am drinking a glass of FG and read the above in your WS profile. Don't ask me why, but I was reminded of Mr. Tyco Bass and the juvenile SF novel "The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet" by Eleanor Cameron. The "planet" was in orbit around the Earth (between the Earth and the Moon). Couldn't be seen except with a telescope and special filter (!) that revealed its pale green nature. Mr. Bass sends the heroes (two adolescent boys) on a mission of mercy to the green planet in a home-made rocket ship! Ms. Cameron actually wrote several titles in the "mushroom planet" series (this was back in the '50s) and I have to say the books were quite entertaining when I read them in the mid to late '60s.


"Outside the windows the trees pressed close, and inside a wavering, sea-green light filled the room like water."


"'Turn the little handle of the spigot just before you take off,' instructed Mr. Bass"



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Thanks, everyone! Maybe it's the La Bleue talkin' , but I sincerely say salud to all of my friends here at the WS. I hope all the festivities taking place tonight go off great and everyone is happy and healthy. Now, with great zeal , I shall go and drink more. Here's to a place that is as addictive to frequent as the drink that we celebrate and imbibe in. :cheers:


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