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"Orchards and vineyards,

And full-breasted houris,

And a cup overflowing before me.

Why do I babble of battles,

And mountains reduced to dust?

Why do I feel these tears?"


Gurney Halleck -- from Frank Herbert's "Dune"




Here's to overflowing cups! :cheers:


(Seems like I relayed birthday greetings just yesterday. 2005 yesterday.)

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Whever I see that name, I hear a deep, gutteral, "Shai Hulud!" (Yes, like the one they do in the David Lynch movie version). Very visceral.


Happy Birth Anniversary!





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Thanks everyone for the felicitacions! Dang, I am getting old. Pensieve and I both have the day off so we are planning a day hike in the rattlesnake mountains, a green hour at home (too bad I have still not gotten a shipping confirmation on an order placed almost a week ago) and out for a steak dinner (it's my Birthday and I'll eat dead cow if I want to)


Excellent Dune quotes and references, May your blades never chip or shatter.

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Bonne Anniversaire! :cheers:

Hope you're enjoying your hike in the "Rattlesnake Mntns." Your next vacation is in Death Valley, right? Or maybe a slow paddle down Cottonmouth Creek?


We went camping last winter in a a place called "Devil's Kitchen", a truly vast sinkhole in the AZ dessert, said to be bottomless. We had to rappel down into it, and then camped overnight. The drag was climbing back out the next day with all of our stuff.

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