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Thanks a lot everyone!! I really appreciate the kind words. I'm really proud to call this stuff my own. Special thanks to Marc and Michele again! Without their help, there would be a hell of a lot less to look at :)


Next up, at the top of my list is an ouraline torsade. I've been on the hunt for about two years now. I hope it will eventually find me! I would appreciate any leads on one!!!

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It was bound to happen sooner or later...


Thanks again Michele for tipping me off to this one !!


Taking the advice of a very wise man with great taste (hi Carsten!), I bought a cheap UV light also..






Also acquired a few more pieces as well.

A very pale green torsade:



A large topette in blue glass:



A 72% Junod tole.. I've been wanting that one for a while now:



And a VERY special one.. the cuillere 6 (Edelweiss)!!!


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Evan Camomile, on 13 Oct 2015 - 03:08 AM, said:

Daaaaaang! Some of those are really pretty.


Not just pretty - rare :thumbup:

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Finally back from France and Les Absinthiades. I came back with a few goodies but this is by far my most special: an original Frénais spoon. I seriously never thought I'd be able to get one.


(If anyone is interested in Kirk Burkett's superb solid sterling silver replica of the Frénais, please PM me. It's a gorgeous spoon but now it is superfluous to my collection.)



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