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Nice Clément! In the photo, it looks like one or two of the valves have broken handles.

I may have one or two spares from vintage JRs. if you need them, that should be a perfect match.

I hope to see you in July! (These parts of course, are

a gift, should you need them)

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there are no broken handles :) they are just showing from their profile. Since they are slimmer than on the JR fountains, they do not show well.

Besides, while I truly appreciate your offer, the JR valves would not fit correctly along the particular bean shaped handles of this one. Thank you very much anyway !



What'd I tell ya, Clement, another big fish that almost got away from all those "professionals". :rolleyes: :thumbup: :cheers:


Well... I'm quite lucky here. On this particular flea market there is sometimes a seller whom I know well through his girlfriend who is a famous collector. I'm quite lucky he was not there that day :)

Edited by Clement Arnoux (Aggelos)

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I finally took pictures of my current absinthe gear. I realized afterwards I forgot to include the four saucers I have to go along with the glasses. Oh well, maybe later.


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