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I suppose I ought to introduce myself before I'm irrevocably branded as the sad

git who came to the party then sat all alone in the corner.


I'm currently an Absinthe virgin, and from what I've read it seems that waiting

was the right choice. I can avoid so many of the mistakes I would have made had

I leapt straight in.


I've been scraping the money together to order a selection of medium to good quality brands but something always comes along and I end up wasting my cash

on trivialities like food and rent.


My interest in Absinthe began in the later half of the 1990's, Y2K panic and the

coming collapse of civilization as we knew it caused me to recall the fin de siecle decadents--my banner was "We shall make love among the ruins, Drink Absinthe and smoke opium". Needless to say, much to my chagrin, the world continued on as always.


Resigned to the fact that, as far as I knew, Absinthe was pretty much unobtainable and downright dangerous-- it would send me mad, put me in a coma, trigger grande mal seizures. I spent my time yearning wishing I'd been born a hundred years ago. It was while reading a British magazine "The Fortean Times" in 2004 that I saw ads for La Fee absinthe (available at Tesco's, of all places, sort of ruins the mystique). Interest rekindled I made some inquiries my local bottle shop was dead end. (Huh? Absinthe? Never heard of it). So I check out the Internet and lo and behold I'm spoilt for a choice. Time for a little research.

And so I find myself here on the threshold of what will prove to be one of lifes great adventures.

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Welcome :cheers:


And we understand about rent etc....


Just try too put some money aside, if you need to get a bottle of arak to tide you by . and order when you can. If you can find others around you who are interested and go in on an order together...

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